What’s With The Name?

Why Darwaza Khula Hai?
Translation: “The Door Is Open”

  Is that so? I am walking on a path but I wish I was walking among the hundreds of paths I urge for. Is it the society, the norms, or the adequate income, or may be parents? or may be it’s me and you! It can be any of the reasons why I (and you) feels this now and then: “I could have done this” or “I could have done that”.
“May be I wasn’t smart enough to be a doctor or an engineer”, you might think. And then there is also another you; has everything and living an ideal life ,thinking to oneself “I wish I was a painter or may be a street dancer”.
It can be anything you wish, for which the doors were open. If we think of life as a blessing , one might get satisfied and be thankful for what they have and be grateful for what they have missed. If it seems to be antipathetic to ones’ wishes! Then there’s a lot you can do to get life going as per as your wish. You don’t even need a key because the door has been always open. The only difference is that it was a yellow door and now its green (GOOD TO GO! 🙂 ).